Russian Post and E-commerce

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Wednesday, 06 February 2013 14:29

Federal Post Service of Russia has marked the significant growth of volumes of the correspondence coming to Russia from abroad in 2012. The peak faced at the end of the year and was associated with the new year holidays. Now the "Mail" is waiting for a new wave of shipments - a series of celebrations to follow and people to congratulate their relatives and friends in time.

In 2012 by the "Federal Post Service of Russia" the Russians received from abroad about 30 million postal items, most of which with  attachments either. It has exceeded expectations. Before New year holidays "FPS" had predicted 21.6 million of parcels, small packets and Express shipments from abroad during 2012. "That is twice as much as in 2011, and half as high again as forecasted", - reported the press-service of the enterprise. Proceeding from the fact that  average cost of purchase in foreign Internet-stores amounted to 2.7 thousand roubles, Russian consumers spent about 80 billion rubles on goods from foreign retailers.

The share of postal items from China to Russia has grown more than in 2 times - from 8%to 17%. In 2012,"According to preliminary calculations the Russians received from China only registered small packets of about 1.5 million. The most significant growth of post traffic from China to Russia was in the last two months of 2012", - reported the "FPSl". According to the Chinese side, in November and December 2270 and 2754 tons of written correspondence was delivered to Russia, which is on 47% and 78% more than in November and December 2011. Shipments from China to Russia for the same period accounted for 380 and 477 tons, and the growth in November and December 2011 amounted to 198% and 279%.

According to the "Post of Italy", the volume of postal items delivery in Russia has grown in 1.5 times. About the volume of shipments to Russian recipients increase  informs "Post of Great Britain" also. In addition to above mentioned the significant growth for the year 2012 has showed the volume of correspondence from the USA to Russia (26%).  In November-December of 2012 was the peak period when Russian recipients delivered to about 660 tons of Postings from the United States and in the same period of 2011 this indicator was about 570 tons.

In the "Mail of Russia" the growth of postal items from abroad is tied with the popularization of remote trade first. "70% of inbound shipments from abroad make the goods ordered in Internet-shops", - explained the press-service of "FPS". "The demand for Internet-products stimulates the development of the Internet and the active use of a population of plastic cards for payment of goods and services. Before the Internet-trade was used by the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, now it is joined by the cities in Russian regions. People have the access to the resources that provide them a greater choice of unique goods which are not available and prices in Russia are significantly higher", - added the representative of the press-service of FPS. Play their role low postal rates for sending by international mail. According to statistics of "FPS" 69% of Russian consumers receive orders in the period from 2 weeks to 2 months from the moment of the payment of the purchase, and almost 1\3 of consumers  (28%) receive orders more quickly. 

Together with the growth of the number of postal items the number of complaints of the work of the "Mail" has increased.

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